Smooth Shaving Gadget

People are being judged by their appearances and first appearances. Men need to take care of their looks and the first thing which everyone notes is the look of the face. A clean shaven or at least with a well cut and properly groomed beard is what people notice positively. And here is where the shaving comes in and the use of a smooth shaving gadget.

Don’t take risks by shaving with disposable blades and they could lead to inflammation and ingrowths. Innovations in the field of electronic gadgets have rocked the industry and electric shavers are selling like hot gadgets. All the big brands have jumped into the bandwagon and have come up with their own smooth shaving gadgets. The main advantage of these smooth shaving gadgets is that there is no fear of being cut and you don’t have to change the blade daily. There is no need of using the shaving gel either. The looks are stylish and the ease-of-use is superb. The big brands which are launching a nice range of smooth shaving gadgets are Philips, Braun, Panasonic and Hitachi.

The Braun series 7 is pricey but they are worth that price. For getting the best value of price the Panasonic ES-RW30 is a good option and is hard to beat. It is like the Philips brand with wet-and-dry model and this adds versatility to it. For the rotary fans models, Philips is still the best brand to select in the range of smooth shaving gadgets at every price points.

Here are some good options to consider in the range of smooth shaving gadgets-

• Braun Series 7 790cc-4

• Philips RQ1180/22 SensoTouch wet and dry model

• Panasonic ES-SL41 Milano 3-Blade Wet and Dry

• Braun M60b MobileShave 

• Braun Waterflex

• Remington XR1350 HyperFlex


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