Frantic Moving Eyeball Shirt

If you want to wear this frantic moving eyeball t-shirt, then get a pair of ear mufflers and wear them along. The reason is it can cause other people to scream because of the terrifying eyes moving continuously. 


The frantic moving eyeball t-shirt is not really funny but it is a real terrifying thing. To achieve the frightening effect you need to do some technical things which are very easy. Simply download the free app from the morphsuits.com to your smart phone. Put the device into the pouch in the t-shirt and the eyeballs will peer through the shirt. The movement of the eyeballs is achieved through the double tapping in the application. 

The new frantic moving eyeball t-shirt features a new front loading pocket so that you can add or remove your mobile device in less than 2 seconds. Is not is too easy? This frantic moving eyeball t-shirt is ideal for Halloween parties and carnivals and for those fun loving guys who get benefit from such entertainment. The gadget is compatible for apple devices having iOS 6 or greater and android  phones having OS 2.2 or greater.

You have a number of reasons to buy this amazing gadget:

• It is mind blowing built with the innovative technology

• Random strangers will stop and look at your t-shirt

• Invented by a NASA rocket scientist

• Millions of you-tube views

• Money back guarantee by the manufacturers

So you have got a number of reasons to buy the frantic moving eyeball t-shirt. Though it can be a costly affair but the value of entertainment you will get from it will be superb. And if you are a party lover specially Halloween parties and carnivals, then it is a must have gadget and should find a place in your wardrobe!


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