Best Bathroom Wi-Fi Scales

Trend of connected devices is growing in such a way that it now extends to your bathroom. Electronic scales are not new they are around for years but today the incredible addition to it is Wi-Fi.  Due to this addition scales can now communicate with web or iPhone weight loss apps enabling treasure of features and weight management.


There is no other simple way then scales for quick and comprehensive way to know how fit you are and you certainly can’t tell by your weight alone. Health is more important than weight but we respond to numbers and these scales can help us to use that tendency to better ourselves. 

Set up your Wi-Fi bathroom scale

When you open the box, you will find the scale, a micro USB cable, guide, 4 AAA batteries and feet for use on carpet. This scale requires a full set up process in which you are required to connect your Wi-Fi scale to the internet and create an account on their respective websites. Firstly, you are required to insert the batteries and connect the USB cable from scale to a computer connected via Wi-Fi.


When you finish the setup it will land you at the ‘Dashboard’ section of your respective account. This dashboard is not something you will want to look daily. The format is not very good as it look dark and dreary. If you like to set up a hidden profile then you have to select ‘make independent’. 

Connecting to iPhone apps

Using the health apps you can track your weight, heart, activity and sleep. Tapping on the weight shows the chart of your progress over time. By rotating your iPhone in landscape mode you can view longer charts and can set your time frame for viewing your weight.


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