Parrot H2O And Smart Pot Can Automatically Water Your Plants

Parrot is known for its flower power plant sensor but this time parrot decided to take it to the next level with the two new Bluetooth smart devices, one is H2O and another is the Pot. Starting with the H2O, the smaller device, it is essentially a direct successor to the flower power but it features more accurate monitoring and the new watering capability. It monitors soil moisture level, soil fertility, brightness and temperature


The part of monitoring is done by attaching a screw top water bottle of up to two liters this will provide up to three weeks of autonomous irrigation with a soft jet. This device has an existing database of over 8000 plants and it can determine the optimal amount of water needed by your plant. There is a companion app also with this device which will remind you if more water or fertilizer is needed.

However, the parrot pot is more impressive than you can think. As you can see from the name, this is basically the H2O in the form of a two liter ceramic pot. It also even has its own two liter reservoir hidden within, so there is no need of water bottle. Moreover, the pot has four water spouts and can switch to a conservation mode when the quantity of water reduced to little. If you are thinking that water is trapped inside the soil, there is no need to worry the pot has two outlets in the bottom for the excess water to flow out.

If you don’t like to keep the large white pot then parrot has also introduced their H2O plant sensors. These sensors can be embedded in to the soil of an existing plant. The H2O can also automatically water your plant but here the supply comes directly from a small reservoir attached to the sensor.


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