Terribly Incredible HyperIce Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller

In the field of physical therapy, foam rollers have been a key part from years. Athletes use these foam rollers to heal from injury and to increase flexibility before training. The Vyper is the first foam roller to add vibration and it is freaking awesome. It is Hyperice’s second product, which made a name in the market by creating a new generation of wearable icepacks that won hearts of high profile professional athletes. 


The Vyper isn’t cooling device. It’s a deeply ridged and firm foam roller with a lithium ion powered vibrating mechanism. For beginners, the Vyper uses very firm foam. It is so firm that even without the vibration, using it can be a good intense experience. It has an on/off button at the bottom which is surrounded by a ring of LED’s, which will let you know how much charge it has left with. On the opposite side, it has a button which should be pressed to cycle it through its three different levels of intensity. 

Vyper claims that it has three settings that are low, medium and high. While, in actual the medium and high speed feels like high and very high. People say that you can’t hold the roller in hand at its top speed. The rollers vibrates with such intensity that you feel like your muscles and ligaments are liquefying when pressed against it. But while it is extremely intense it is not unpleasant. In fact, it is wonderful. You don’t have to generate enough pressure to grind out your IT band. Vyper shakes the tissue so hard that it releases despite itself. With this roller you can achieve better results by spending less time and less energy. Vyper is portable and convenient for travel and are the best roller available till now. 


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