Wearable Breath Monitoring Headset Can Improve Your Health

Wearable technology has gone far enough and today quantified fans have strap wearable gadgets to all different parts of their bodies so that they can keep tabs on their activity levels. These gadgets are generally used to measure calories burned, heart rates, walking speed and many more. 


Another biometric pattern on which consumers should pay attention is breathing. Since few years Breath Research Company has been working on research and technology that can analyze ‘breath acoustics’ to help to reduce stress, lose weight, optimize athletic performance and improve sleep. As a final step the company launched its new breath monitoring Smartphone headset backed by electronic giants like Philips and Indiegogo. 

With the help of this incredible headset you can record your breathing patterns; you can listen whether breathing is fast or slow, choppy or smooth. Company also launched its mobile app and when this headset is combined with the mobile app, it analyzes breathing patterns, generate scores and provide recommendations for how to improve breathing.

This headset is sensor based and can detect stress levels and bacterial infections. Moreover, research also suggests that some breathing exercises may help eliminate stress, decrease the symptoms of PTSD relieve asthma and help with other conditions. Another setup, Spire, which was admitted to Rock Health’s startup accelerator earlier in this summer, is also working on a wearable sensor that tracks the breathing, but it hasn’t disclosed too much yet.

The company’s sensor reportedly clips onto a user’s clothing and relays data to a mobile app to help users breathe more calmly and reduce stress and become more aware about asthma and sleep related breathing patterns. This headset is a very useful gadget for the health conscious people and also suggested for aged people who need regular checkup. 



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