Some Awesome And New Inventions From South Africa

South Africa always scored well in the field of inventions. There are many innovative inventions on which South Africa can feel proud and often inspired by necessity rather than the desire to become rich through the product. 


Here are some awesome and new inventions from South Africa:


This is one of the single most important ideas in South Africa today. It’s a simple process which lets you to report service delivery problems from potholes in Sandston to water shortages in the Eastern Cape using a Smartphone app, and then logs the report on a central server where it’s publicly viewable by all until it gets fixed.

Stations and Stops

GoMetro is already the best Smartphone app for commuters who want to get to work using public transport. But the team behind it isn’t satisfied with that. They are planning for launching a new service based around it specifically for tourists, which combines apps data for trains and buses with Foursquare’s APIs for entertainment and eateries. 

The Big Idea

Big idea is appropriately named and is really just at the moment, as it requires a lot of help to get a prototype up and running. It’s a system to allow small pharmacies to start dispensing anti-retroviral medications (ARVs) for AIDS patients. The problem is that drugs are doled out only from large, centralized organizations because of the need to track their distribution carefully and that protecting patient anonymity in small pharmacies is hard.


This gets a mention because it was the only invention in the Inventor’s Garage that was actually built in a garage. Enotifii is the result of seven years of development from electronics retailer Goll. It’s a cheap phone, which will cost around R600 when in stores, that adds a Passive Infra red sensor (PIR) to the top of the handset turning it into an instant intruder alarm. 


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