Top German Inventions Ever

German people are very hard working in many fields. German nation is known for its successful industrial group of people. In whole Europe, it is famous that Germans live to work, while others work to live. The German minds gave birth to various inventions, because of their strident work ethic and organized nature.  Some of their inventions have a profound effect on the people of the world. 


Here are 5 top German inventions ever:

1. The Guttenberg Printing Press

The time Guttenberg printing press was invented, only wood block printing was possible. The wood block printing was done in china; it was really very laborious and ornate page by page. With the invention of Guttenberg’s printing press, books quickly became available to everyone, who could afford them, instead of only royalty and members of church.

2. The World Globe

The first World Globe was invented by a German map maker in 1462. This was not based on travels of Columbus but based on the ancient maps. This invention of globe most certainly had an impact on European nations.

3. Levis ,Blue Jeans

The inventor of Levis jeans was as American German immigrant, named Levi Strauss.  Strauss was a seller of dry goods so it was natural for him to manufacture a type of long lasting pants for men who are working in the gold fields. Everyone in the world today certainly has heard of Levis Jeans.

4. Motorcycles Powered by Gas

Germany had the motorbikes which run on steam or coal but Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas powered cycles with motors. So the Angels of hells owe their ride to the same man whose company eventually produced the Mercedes Benz automobile.

5. The Sealed Mercury Thermometer

The thermometers had invented before this mercury one and Galileo was the first to invent thermometer but it was not sealed. A sealed mercury thermometer was invented by German Physicist Fahrenheit. 


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